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It’s About The Trust


It’s About The Trust

“Surveillance is the art of mobile,  covert and  continuous observation of people, places and vehicles to obtain actionable intelligence for the purpose of protecting people, corporations and business entities against acts of conspiracy both criminal and civil by individuals motivated by revenge, greed or ideology.”

Surveillance can be identified as:


Involves maintaining a visual of either subject(s) that remain stationary, or a residential or commercial building. Documentation is in the form of video or still photography and actionable intelligence is minimal.


Monitoring a specific person or location using either; fixed wing aircraft, helicopter or drone. The issues are; the amount of time the aircraft, helicopter or drone can remain in the air, the distance maintained to remain inconspicuous and the cost factor.


Law enforcement are the only entities empowered by federal and state law to engage in wiretapping of an individual’s electronic and telephonic communications. To wiretap, law enforcement must obtain a court order to engage in such activity.


Covertly following someone while utilizing surveillance and/or counter-surveillance techniques in an urban or rural setting. Mobile surveillance is legal and when deployed by experienced investigators the intelligence gathered is invaluable and actionable.

The Michael Agency employs the use of mobile surveillance. Though the other forms of surveillance have credibility, mobile surveillance provides a bird’s eye view by skilled investigators while following a selected target and is extremely productive.

Investigators employed by The Michael Agency are premier in skill, experience and background.

An average 22 years of real time surveillance experience, with major law enforcement agencies as former detectives and special agents  allows them to successfully anticipate  in high and low density rural and metropolitan areas throughout the world.

Coupled with experience, flexibility and proven ability, investigators skillfully collect intelligence that supports litigation, prevents crime and  supports the  protection of people and places.

Key in their efforts is the discretion and respect to protect a client’s image and integrity which is done by investigators in the field.

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