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Los Angeles, Nashville London
(714) 637-0193|  (310) 737-8510

Our Services

Our Services

The Michael Agency management, investigative staff, and support have extensive contacts and relationships with prosecutorial agencies at the state, county and federal levels throughout the United States. Those relationships can be leveraged to initiate a prosecution of cases investigated by The Michael Agency. The comprehensive investigations are accepted and adopted by prosecutors at all levels. That is attributed to the experience of company management and investigative personnel.


  1. Surveillance
  2. Counter-Surveillance
  3. Background Investigations
  4. Forensic Accounting
  5. Employee Misconduct
  6. Electronic Counter-Measures (debugging)
  7. Title IX Investigations
  8. EEO Investigations
  9. White Collar and R.I.C.O. Investigations
  10. Fraud
      • Securities
      • Insurance
      • Mail
      • Wire
      • Mortgage
  11. Computer Forensics
  12. Asset Protection
  13. Asset Search
  14. Crisis Management
  15. Due Diligence
  16. Money Laundering
  17. Copyright Infringement
  18. Counter-Corporate Espionage

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