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Estate Security

Estate Security

The Michael Agency team includes armed protection specialists, experienced, knowledgeable, and adept at implementing a program that will not intrude on a client’s home life.

Services include: Establishing and maintaining a relationship with local law enforcement, Evacuation Procedures, Emergency Medical Protocols, and Checks and Balances for the delivery of packages. They also work with the client, family members, and existing staff to instruct and provide current first aid and C.P.R. training.

Security Specialists will also perform periodic tests to identify any vulnerability in the program design and make the necessary adjustments.

In addition to the above-described procedures, The Michael Agency’s security specialists can provide deeper services as needed to include:

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments: A former U.S. intelligence agent whose expertise is to determine the accessibility and vulnerability of a person, business, or organization to threat. A course of action is established based on recommendations. In addition to proactive efforts to solve and end a potential problem, a consultation with the client about lifestyles or organizational modifications to minimize exposures.

Correspondence Assessment and Data Basing: As a precursor to actual or physical geographical contact, some threats begin with electronic or postal mail as the initial contact. The Michael Agency can analyze inappropriate correspondence, identify the sender, and liaison with law enforcement for prosecution. If a need due to a volume of questionable correspondence that doesn’t meet a prosecutable threshold a database can be designed to store pertinent information for a later date.

Counter-Surveillance Detection: It is the ability to detect if being followed and the skill to elude an individual. The client can be taught to detect and evade, and the learned skill can be applied when traveling anywhere in the world.

Home Defense: This is where the client is most vulnerable. Protection Specialists can train the client to use the interior terrain of their home to protect themselves and their families from an intrusion. Such issues as establishing a safe room, an evacuation plan, use of communication devices, and scripted language when contacting law enforcement in case of an emergency, and communication with family members should an intrusion take place. Also, inform about the Pros and Cons of firearms ownership, educate on the use of force laws and firearms training if the client wants to use proficiently.

Threat Assessment and Management: With many years of hands-on experience in numerous diverse cases, The Michael Agency proactively deals with threat assessment and management of stalking, harassment, idle, and actual threats. Our approach is serious and without compromise. Once the threat is identified and established, a program would be implemented that covers countermeasures and proactive protocols to ease the client’s mind without hindering their lifestyle. All efforts are metered to gather evidence and present a prosecutable case to law enforcement.

Property Security Enhancements:

Strategic Lighting Design
Landscaping Design
Perimeter Barriers
Gate and Access Control
CCTV and Motion Sensors
Residential Alarm

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